Grantham Journal letter: Council must tackle pothole issue

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I read your recent article in last week’s Journal regarding potholes.

I am shocked at the inability for the town planning and highways department to actually do what they are paid for. It would appear that they have absolutely no clue how to actually plan or design a town.

I live here but fortunately don’t work here, and am able to see real town planning in action. The council in its wisdom spends millions of pounds on the Westgate area in order to ‘revive’ the region. This resulted in changing an area that needed no alteration followed by creating a vast open space in the market square with no form or function.

Now we have potholes so deep they are causing damage to cars and even a danger to livestock. If the planning department and highways department turned their attention to the real priorities and problems of an urban town they would be able to create an environment that people would be proud to live in, not what is becoming an urban slum area.

Personally, so far, I have had to pay for damage caused to my car from the incompetence of this bunch of people who seem to play at town planning. I would be interested to know where to send my bills. I have solid proof of the problem, supported by the repair report.

I can give many more ludicrous examples of this toy town council. I am ashamed to say I live here now!


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