Grantham Journal Letter: Council was right to issue parking fines

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Reference your headline last week Council closes car park ‘trap’.

I consider the article to be one-sided in that it only considers the views of a small number of car drivers who cannot recognise a car parking bay. Parking bays always have white lines each side, not just one side.

The main clue to the correct designation of this space however is shown in your first photograph. It shows a cycle wheel protruding beyond the bike rack. As a cyclist I found myself inconvenienced by parked cars who chose to encroach on a cycle parking area.

Finally, the accusation of entrapment is unfounded as there was no intention to deceive.

Well done district council officers in fining these inconsiderate people and I hope that, despite the Journal’s intervention on the side of the motorist, the fines are upheld.

Danny Rust

Peascliffe Drive,