Grantham Journal letter: Councillor has a short memory

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In response to Coun Selby’s letter of last week in response to mine, I must say in all honesty that he seems to be the master of obfuscation and inexactitude in his reply.

He states that Coun Ashberry must have known about the proposed amendment to the Harrowby ward boundaries as it was discussed in a full council meeting, but he omits to point out that this meeting was way after his letter to the Boundary Commission asking them to reduce their representation from three to two councillors. He seems to forget that the good people in the Harrowby ward Labour Party supported him and Coun Wells in getting them both elected. Is it any wonder that they feel betrayed by their actions. These people were proud to get three councillors elected and then gutted to see their hard work thrown back in their faces to what seems the self interest of two of them.

Now it turns out that Mr Selby wants to be our next member of parliament and also wishes to stand as an independent candidate in Harrowby ward. Well good luck to him in his quest but the electorate will never forgive a modern day Benedict Arnold.

I know it is rare to quote from the Bible but Galations 6:7 clearly states that “you reap what you sow” and Mr Selby, you will receive the full harvest.

David J. Simpson