Grantham Journal letter: Councillor highlighted legitimate issues

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Regarding Mr Hodson’s response to my letter about the proposed Tesco Express (November 2), I never actually directly stated whether I support or oppose the proposed new Tesco Express on the site of the former Cherry Tree public house.

In my letter I highlighted a range of legitimate planning, highways and anti-social behaviour issues which are material matters in most developments of this nature. I would like to make it clear that I personally have nothing whatsoever against Tesco.

The issue here is that the final decision on the proposed Tesco Express will not be made by the development control committee because of a loop-hole in planning legislation. Grantham Camra highlighted this in a letter in last week’s edition.

I wish to remind Mr Hodson that I requested residents to contact me directly with their views about the proposed Tesco Express. It is unfortunate that he has not done so and the main purpose of his letter appears to have been to mount a personal attack on myself.

This is apparent by that fact he fails to criticise other local councillors who also agreed that the Tesco Express proposal should be decided by the development control committee.

Not everyone is in favour of the proposed Tesco Express, most of the emails I have received are in opposition to it. I have also received a noise complaint from a resident and asked the environmental health department to take action.

I wish to emphasise that alongside my responsibilities as a councillor, I have taken on additional responsibilities by being a member of SOS Grantham Hospital and Grantham East Community Policing Panel. It is a pleasure to represent and serve the residents of Harrowby ward.

I have recently had a thank you card from a couple thanking me for resolving a long running issue that they had. A good start for someone who has “been on the council for nearly five minutes” (as he puts it) and I intend to continue as I have started.

Cllr Mark Ashberry

Harrowby Ward