Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s opposition is confusing

Coun Adam Stokes
Coun Adam Stokes
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I must say that I fully agree with the letter from Stuart Allan (Journal, November 7). I am very confused on why Coun Morgan is so against a bypass that is vital to Grantham in the future and especially at the moment.

All heavy goods traffic needs to be taken away from the town centre as the numbers of lorries going through are far too high. Her continual opposition is completely against what I would say the majority of Grantham residents want, although I do appreciate the bypass will not be wanted by all people. Talk of petitions or negative comments at this stage is very poor form on her part and should be ignored. I can only assume her vote was against the building when the decision was made at the development control meeting.

We need to get this road built as soon as possible and I am one councillor that 100 per cent supports its building.

Coun Adam Stokes

South Kesteven District Council