Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s points are not factual

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As a geologist who has worked in the oil industry for over 40 years, could I correct a few of the comments made in Charmaine Morgan’s article on Fracking (Journal, June 6).

She suggests that there will be pollution by methane and volatile gases. This is just incorrect . The aim of any well is to produce gas or oil into a pipeline so in this case the methane (natural gas) would first be cleaned and then go straight into the national pipeline system.

She suggests seepage of gas into the water system could occur. I think she has seen too many misleading films. By definition the water system aquifers are close to the surface as they are fed by rainwater. Any shale gas or oil will only be found thousands of feet down in the earth’s crust so contact between the two rock systems is almost impossible.

She then expresses concerns about water usage and a risk to the water supplies. This is yet another incorrect fact. When a hydraulic fracture is performed it uses 99.5 per cent water and sand with a trace of something akin to washing-up liquid. After the frack job this water is returned to surface, stored and then reused. There is no chance of it getting into contact with the local water supply.

Is it too much to ask that our local politicians actually know something of the subject before they express their views on it?

Surely, it is better to continue to develop our own gas resources both offshore and onshore in the UK rather than being held to ransom in the future by some Russian leader who decides to cut our supplies off for political reasons?

Chris Shannon

Braceby, Sleaford