Grantham Journal letter: Councillor’s views are misleading

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As the portfolio holder for Well Run Council I feel I must respond to Coun Morgan’s misleading information regarding requests being overturned by planning.

What she fails to inform the populace, either accidentally or intentionally, is wrong. She is being very disingenuous to the development management services manager.

Any elected member can request a planning application to be referred to the committee. On this application the councillor making the request must include a statement outlining material planning reasons why the proposal needs to be considered by the committee. Things like I don’t like it, I want to speak on it, I believe we should debate this, are not proper planning reasons to persuade the manager to cede to the councillor’s request. Failure by the member to comply with these requirements will result in the planning manager exercising his right to refuse the request.

Planning meetings can be very long and if every frivolous request was allowed, they would go on and on. I am aware that over the last 16 years meetings have gone on longer than six hours, which can result in applications being rushed instead of being properly debated. The planning process is under the control of members contrary to the thoughts of the East Midlands Council, as there are many instances of the members overruling the officers’ recommendations.

Coun Morgan is very adept at relaying misleading information or incomplete information, for what reason only she can enlighten us. Trying to mislead the public and members is a very dangerous path to take. If she wishes to challenge this last statement in council, I would be only too happy to answer her.

Coun MikeTaylor

Portfolio holder Well Run Council

Greyfriars Ward