Grantham Journal letter: Councillor should stick to the facts

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I do not usually respond to comments from Coun Charmaine Morgan (Journal, January 18), but when she uses the political column for what can only be seen as scaremongering and blatant electioneering, I feel this must be challenged.

I would like her to quantify the figure of one thousand with proof, as this is the magical figure she rolls out every time for emphasis without facts or figures.

With typical grandstanding she is quick to point out assumed failings of Government and the district council. If she was to look at the results of the consultation regarding tenants paying some of the housing benefit, she would see that the majority were in favour of it.

She never points out or apologises for the largesse of the last government which she fully supports in all what they did.

Had they not given back half of our rebate to the EU, signed the Lisbon Treaty, knowing it was a major change and they should have called for a referendum, sold half of our gold reserve at the lowest rate ever, opened our border controls, and the icing on the cake, made sure the populace was made benefit dependent, (what a wonderful vote catcher), borrowed money and gave it away like confetti.

Then this country would not be in the position it is today.

Coun M. D. Taylor

Resources&Assets Portfolio Holder