Grantham Journal letter: Councillors’ concerns are appreciated but...

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I would like to clarify the situation in relation to the possible change of use of the Cherry Tree public house to a Tesco store which was reported in last week’s newspaper.

While the concerns expressed by local councillors are appreciated it must be noted that the council has no control over these changes of use.

Most uses of buildings fall within ‘classes’ which are defined in Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987.

Public houses are in Class A4 (drinking establishments) and retail stores fall within Class A1 (shop). Legislation allows movement between some classes without the need for planning permission. This is because these permitted changes are generally to uses which will have less impact upon the local area and other planning matters than the original use.

This includes a change of use from a public house (Class A4) to a shop (Class A1).

Planning permission or advertisement consent may be required for physical alterations to the building or for any new advertisements.

In these cases the council could only consider the merits of those applications and not the principle of the use.

To date no applications have been received by the council.

Coun Martin Wilkins

Chairman of Planning