Grantham Journal letter: Countries queuing up to do business

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Australia, New Zealand , South Korea, China, India, Iceland, and many more countries have been beating a path to our door since the referendum, looking to do trade deals with this wonderful country of ours, and by the way, we are no longer at the back of the queue with the USA.

It’s time that the Remain campaigners stopped throwing their toys out of the pram and woke up to the fact that a democratic referendum was held in this soon to be again democratic country when it will be ruled by a government that was elected by the people of this country.

We decided that we did not want our own EU tax code (which was already in the pipe line for after the referendum), and we do not want our lads and lasses in our armed forces controlled by non English speaking foreigners (again in the pipeline).

This country is Great Britain, not little Britain, as some of its citizens seem to think.

Don Drury