Grantham Journal Letter: ‘County council not doing enough to help museum’

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Volunteers have clearly put an enormous amount of work into the current Dambuster exhibition at Grantham Museum, as well as helping to save the establishment from closure.

What a pity that Lincolnshire County Council, either through its previous Conservative administration or current coalition, isn’t playing its part as well in the so-called ‘Big Society’ enterprise by returning some of the museum’s more outstanding exhibits to be put back on permanent display.

I would have thought that the least the authority could have done would have been to bring back the magnificent large model of a Lancaster bomber which used to attract a lot of attention from visitors.

After all, the Lancaster was a major part of the successful raids on the German dams which were planned in our town.

As chairman of Grantham Writers, I would also like to thank the museum staff for making us so welcome in our new home. New members are joining the group at every monthly meeting there (third Monday of every month).

Peter Clawson

Welham Street