Grantham Journal letter: Criticism is undeserved!

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In last week’s Journal, Jacob Stuart raised a legitimate point that councillors should be civil at council meetings .

However, instead of following up this theme, he then criticises two opposition councillors (of which I was one) for raising amendments to the budget.

It is right and proper for opposition councillors to put forward budget amendments at the meeting that votes on the annual budget.

Important issues deserve to be raised in a public forum, and we are not going to agree on everything. When I proposed an amendment calling for free parking for the first two hours every Saturday, in Grantham, I was heckled by some Conservative councillors.

I must ask why Jacob Stuart has chosen to attack those of us who raised legitimate concerns, representing our community, and not those who behaved poorly or attempted to duck the questions.

Coun Charmain Morgan

Deputy Leader Labour Group