Grantham Journal letter: Damage to reputation

Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.
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I have just read your article (Journal last week) regarding the behaviour of the leaving sixth formers from Grantham’s most illustrious educational establishment.

What King’s School head Frank Hedley failed to see is the further disgusting conduct of his “fine young men” later in the evening after they have been drinking solidly for a few hours and were marching around the town centre, shouting and bellowing at the top of their collective voices. Due to previous incidents from leaving sixth formers, when they visited to ask permission to enter my establishment, I refused, citing the reason of the trouble caused when asking for a proof of age for all the drinkers (of which not all were 18).

Because of this, they marched along Guildhall Street on to the High Street and myself, my staff and my customers were subjected to a barrage of foul abuse - all because they couldn’t get their way and come into The Goose.

It is precisely because of such behaviour that I said no in the first place, so at least I feel vindicated .

I hope when or if Mr Hedley has a discussion with next year’s organising committee he stresses the damage done this year to the school’s reputation and standing in the local community.

Hopefully, next year’s “fine young men” will have a better understanding of the concept.

Gary Chettle

General manager, The Goose

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