Grantham Journal letter: Defining second class

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European Union
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I don’t quite know what John Morgan’s definition of second class is when he suggests that being outside the EU is second class.

Does he seriously think that Norway and Switzerland are second class when their standard of living is significantly better than countries within the EU?

Perhaps he also thinks that we should have joined the Euro currency catastrophe which tried unsuccessfully to force totally disparate economies into the same artificial mould?

Every independent nation which wants to trade with any other nation will negotiate a reciprocal trade agreement, and there are many around the globe who trade successfully without the pettifogging regulations inflicted upon EU members.

The cost to British business of complying with European red tape is over £80bn a year, a cost which America, China, Japan and others do not have to suffer.

It may be significant that John did not challenge my assertion that the Brussels regime is inefficient and undemocratic, indeed how could he?

This grotesquely expensive institution has demonstrated that it is incapable of reform and even John’s previous letter implied that David Cameron’s pathetic pleas for reform were worthless.

Long before the EU existed we had excellent international trading partnerships around the globe, we were already members of NATO, Interpol and the UN Security Council.

We are the fifth largest economy in the world and we have shown in the past that we can stand on our own two feet without having to hang on to the apron strings of a corrupt collection of incompetent bureaucrats.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some Great British patriotism once in a while?

Brian Bruce