Grantham Journal Letter: Denied a local option

Grantham Hospital.
Grantham Hospital.
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To defend its response to concerns raised by the SOS Grantham Hospital petition, South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group took out a full page in the Journal. That must have been expensive, but presmuably it’s taxpayers’ money, so that’s alright.

Nick Boles’ pronouncements on the hospital have, predictably, enraged electors, however Charmaine Morgan’s column last week seems to support the suspicions of many that the statistics have been manipulated over the years by people who have unnecessarily sent local mums-to-be to Nottingham, Lincoln, Peterborough or Boston when treatment at Grantham would have been available and acceptable. So you cannot claim there is not sufficient demand. It would be more accurate to say patients have been denied a local option and coerced into travelling stressful miles to distant locations.

We’re also told we won’t be losing emergency surgery as it has already been transferred. SWLCCG, comprising representatives of 19 practices in the area, is in an unenviable position. As well as caring for their patients, they appear to be forced to defend dubious decisions taken earlier in Whitehall and Westminster.

What would Hippocrates have made of it all, I wonder?

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth

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