Grantham Journal letter: Did bats gets considered

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So, now we all know why McCarthy & Stone demolished St Catherine’s House on the corner of Dudley Road and St Catherine’s Road so hastily last November. They obviously wanted to beat the Conservation Area Order which came into effect at the end of January, just a few weeks after this interesting house was destroyed forever.

Meanwhile, the local bat population, which may well have been hibernating in this old building, were no doubt ignored and possibly destroyed so the “Later Living” company could achieve its aim of making as much money as possible from this small plot of land, without having to worry about any Conservation restrictions.

This is despite the local planning department insisting that provision for bats is made in the new building.

Deliberate destruction of bat habitat is a fineable offence! Does anyone know what provision was made for any hibernating bats, or even if anyone checked the whole building for evidence of roosting bats BEFORE the demolition took place?

By the time the new building is in situ, it will be far too late for any local bats who have had their habitat so brutally removed during their hibernation period for major financial gain.

I’m sure that many local people, including me and my family, will be saddened if there are no bats flying in Dudley Road during the summer months – but we do have the noise of large construction vehicles and, no doubt, increased parking problems to look forward to. Now there’s progress!

L. North

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