Grantham Journal letter: Did MP vote in support?

Grantham MP Nick Boles
Grantham MP Nick Boles
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Tuesday, March 11 - It will be interesting to see if Nick Boles troops through the yes lobby today in support of his government’s proposal under clause 119, which will give Jeremy Hunt the power to close ANY hospital at 40 days’ notice with NO meaningful consultations and to stop objections until it is all over.

This is undemocratic and serves only to deflect attention from the financial crisis in the NHS.

Not much of a ‘Big Society’ idea is it Mr Boles and, your government has ‘form’ on this type of thing as with the lobbying bill designed only to stifle dissent and hamstring opposition at election time, when the hedge fund managers and big business that funds the Tory party remain unfettered.

Will Nick Boles have voted for a proposal that could close Grantham Hospital at 40 days’ notice? We have a right to know.

Anthony Hindmarch

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