Grantham Journal letter: Dilemma of meeting dogs off their lead

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I walk my dog along Five Gates, in the field near the golf course, and as normal I leave my dog on a lead.

While walking there recently I was met by three dogs who were off their leads. I asked the owner to put them on a lead because my dog is nervous when outnumbered. She replied that one of them wasn’t hers and carried on walking!

The three dogs continued to circle my dog and she started to bark and growl. I had to grab her and pull her out of the way of these dogs until she was clear of them. This proved difficult as they continued to come up to her and sniff around her.

Again we asked this woman if she could put her dogs on their leads. She turned around and said that if my dog was like that it should be muzzled! I was shocked at this and just walked on.

Surely if you see a dog coming towards you, you put your dog on a lead? Apprently not. I am supposed to let my dog be surrounded by three dogs and leave her defenceless by muzzling her!

Am I in the right or wrong?

Emma Causer

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