Grantham Journal letter: Do us all a favour and vote out

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Well what are we doing then? Booking a seat on the EU Titanic and going down with the quickly sinking ship or booking on to the Britannia and sailing off into the blue (or at the worst no icebergs).

For anyone still not sure which way to vote there is no need to listen to the politicians, just take a look at what they all stand to gain or lose, whether it is the remain side a job on the EU gravy train or the prestige of running the world (they wish). Or like the Brexit politicians of all political persuasions some of which already have lucrative jobs on the EU councils and are asking you to vote them out of it because they know it is the best thing for our country and its people.

Don’t forget that politician’s and big multinational business men who are telling you to vote remain have a thing called a ‘queue jumping’ private health insurance provided by their company, unlike you the tax payer who has to worry about the ever lengthening queue for the NHS that you or your family are in.

Is this really what our forefathers fought and died for in two world wars to keep this country free and safe for their loved ones, only now to be given away to be ruled used and abused by foreign non-English speaking countries for the benefit of a privileged few?

Do us all a big favour and vote OUT.

Don Drury

Barkston, Grantham