GRANTHAM JOURNAL LETTER: Does crime force need new roles?

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We read (Journal, October 12) of an opportunity to listen to candidates for the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections at an evening meeting in Boston.

However, given the location, the timing and the cost of fuel, how many potential Lincolnshire voters from Grantham or Gainsborough - Lincoln or Louth - Stamford or Skegness would make such a return journey?

More significantly, these new roles appear to have responsibilities which most readers would have hoped and assumed were already being covered by the present judicial system. If any police force is deemed to be inefficient and ineffective can the Chief Constable not presently be held to account - and if not, why not? Are police funds not already overseen - if not, why not? Are police objectives and resources not currently planned - if not, why not?

The final, unanswered question is, of course, how much is this unnecessary, additional bureaucracy going to cost the tax-payers who never requested it?

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth