Grantham Journal letter: Dog owners should clean up after their pets

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What is it with people today?

I was walking on Harrowby football pitch with my dog and watched an old man walking his chocolate labrador. He watched it do three poos and left all of them. I shouted, but he just kept walking.

He was aged 60-70 years, wearing a flat cap and leather jacket and blue trousers and it was 10.55am. You know who you are, shame on you, the field is always full of dog mess. People play football and children play and walk to school using the field.

If people choose to have a dog, they should clean up after them. You wouldn’t leave it if it did it in your back garden.

We really must name and shame these people before they ban us from enjoying the park to walk our dogs, and I wouldn’t blame them!

Jo Bland

By e-mail