Grantham Journal letter: Don’t assume all opposers are racist or small minded

Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
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In response to the article by Jacob Stuart (Journal, December 27) regarding the proposed Islamic Centre build.

Like most of the argument for this build, Mr Stuart shares the viewpoint that any opposition against it is built on “hate and ignorance” and “small mindedness when it comes to embracing other cultures to our community”. There may be a small minority opposed to the build who are narrow minded, but please don’t apply that insult to all of us.

I am a resident of Alexandra Road and someone who will be affected by the build if it goes ahead. I could not care less how the building will be occupied and by whom. I care about increased traffic on an already congested residential street, and being able to park my car, which is already difficult at the best of times. My husband and I use the car as a last resort as we often cannot find a place to park on our return, which isn’t fun with an irate toddler on board.

My house is in front of the CCTV building, which the build will be behind. It IS in view of my home, it WILL affect noise, parking and congestion. If I am concerned about this, it does not make me a racist. I would feel the same if the building were a supermarket, garage, or any other business resulting in the same issues.

It would be interesting to see how the people who think it will be so wonderful would feel if it were planned on their street; obviously they wouldn’t mind?

Please find some middle ground in this argument, instead of the assumption that we are either Alf Garnett or living in a Benetton ad.

I abhor racism and I am upset and angry to be automatically labelled as such because I am worried about my home.

Claire Williams

Alexandra Road, Grantham