Grantham Journal letter: Don’t blame HGV drivers

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As my brother is an HGV driver and I myself am a courier driver, I must respond to Alison Robson’s column (Journal, February 22).

I find her comments very small-minded. In recent months I have witnessed how drivers’ standards in general have become appalling.

And, why should my brother, who has a family, be made to work unsocial hours because people are not paying attention to the roads and their driving standards are not up to scratch? Should bus drivers and taxi drivers stop at peak times just so these bad drivers and inexperienced drivers can get to their destinations safely?

Accidents happen and it is always sad, but it is usually down to driver error, speed and other factors. The amount of drivers I see daily on their mobile phones while driving is increasing.

We all need to be vigilant. All vehicles are death traps if not given the respect they deserve.

Tina Harris

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