Grantham Journal letter: Downgrade plan is a cut too far

Scene Setters : Grantham Hospital.
Scene Setters : Grantham Hospital.
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I read with interest the recent report in the Journal about the future of Grantham Hospital’s A&E services.

I thought to myself: Hang on a minute ... didn’t the Journal quote someone from the ULHT the other week telling us that there were no plans to downgrade A&E at Grantham Hospital? I presumed at the time, the phrase ‘there are no plans currently’ was code for but there may well be in the next half hour!

There’s no wonder Grantham people don’t believe a word that comes from the mouths of those in charge of our medical services.

This is blatantly a cost-cutting exercise, where our local hospital will be constantly downgraded until it is no longer feasible to run as a district hospital.

I hope the voices of ALL South Kesteven District Councillors (and Nick Boles too) are to be heard protesting at this as a cut too far.

Travelling for emergency care for an hour or more along our appalling Lincolnshire road system will inevitably lead to more deaths, not less.

David Taylor

Cavendish Way, Grantham