Grantham Journal letter: Drivers get a poor deal

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I’m disgusted at the state of roads in and around Grantham.

While travelling to work in Newark on Sunday morning, I was going down the hill towards Gonerby Moor services when my car slid straight into the roundabout, causing minor damage to myself and the car. Two minutes later another driver suffered the same fate in exactly the same place.

Now this snowy weather wasn’t exactly a surprise to most of us, so why was it that there was no grit on the roads at all? We’ve been told that we have huge stockpiles of the stuff, so what are we storing it for? The next Ice Age?

If we’re not avoiding huge craters in our roads, we’re having to avoid treacherous road conditions, all of which are preventable!

Exactly how much more road tax are we going to have to pay before us motorists get the service that we are already paying through the nose for?

Chris Barber

By email