Grantham Journal letter: EDL protest march - are police using double standards?

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I read with interest in the Journal dated February 14, that the EDL is to have a protest march in Grantham with regard to the proposed Islamic Centre and the event will be policed by Lincolnshire’s finest.

About five years ago when the people of Grantham wanted to have a protest march with regard to the future of their hospital, the organisers were told that there wasn’t the police staff available to police the event unless extra policing was paid for, with the result that a protest meeting had to be held in Wyndham Park.

Similarly, every year the organisers of Grantham Carnival have to battle the various authorities, in particular Lincolnshire Police, regarding staffing and costs of supervising the event.

The EDL is coming to town, and who knows what may or may not happen, and policing and cost of the event is not a problem.

Now I don’t know if it is me, but am I missing something here?

Alex Rolt

Belton Lane, Grantham