Grantham Journal letter: ‘Excellent’ show

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I was fortunate enough to see ‘Brenda Bly; Teen Detective’ performed by the Grantham Youth Theatre Society at Grantham College on Saturday, August 30. This was a new musical for me and one which was most entertaining.

The members of the company are mostly school, college and university students who rehearse and perform during their summer vacation. Set up seven years ago, I have seen all of their productions to date and have thoroughly enjoyed every one.

Directed by Katie Muffett and with Jake Muffett as musical director, the show had excellent singing, good characterisation, plenty of humour, delightful dance routines and a ‘whodunnit’ type story as well. The costumes were very pleasing, the back stage crew worked very well together and the musicians in the band played extremely well. I am fortunate enough to see quite a number of productions of all types by amateurs and can truly say this one reached very high standards.

I was dismayed to hear, however, that box office receipts for this show have been rather disappointing. I can only imagine it was because the title was unfamiliar to the members of the public. All I can say is that those folk who stayed away missed a real treat. It was a rattling good show.

Anne Key-Huckerby

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