Grantham Journal letter: Expand hospital, don’t downgrade it

Grantham Hospital. EMN-151130-113942001
Grantham Hospital. EMN-151130-113942001
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I would like to offer my grateful thanks to the doctors and staff at Grantham Hospital Accident and Emergency, X-Ray Department and Plaster Room, for their expert care and attention I received on Sunday, May 22, after a fall and breaking my foot.

The A&E was very busy, but people were content to wait and were not complaining.

Maybe the people who walk round looking for faults should spend a day or two at the sharp end in A and E, they would then realise Grantham will not be able to manage with a downgraded A&E, especially with the increase in housing being built in the Grantham catchment area.

The hospital needs to expand, not downgrade.

In the years when Grantham Hospital was managed by local businesspeople they knew what was required and did not waste money. Along with these people, doctors and surgeons had an input as to how the funding was best spent.

Many thanks again.

Mr C Musson

High Street