Grantham Journal Letter: Expel those who are negligent towards health

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How sad I feel it is that in the 21st century here in Great Britain there are senior NHS chiefs who seem to believe it is acceptable to give government targets priority over the wellbeing of the elderly, sick and vulnerable.

They, along with our politician friends, seem to have perfected the art of spin (some would say blatant lying) and practice it without any sense of shame.

As a member of a family who has suffered the avoidable loss of a loved one through medical care of the same standard as the mid-Staffordshire Trust, (I hasten to add not in this county), I can only say that they seem to have a perverse sense of priorities.

In any other walk of life, to operate in this cavalier manner thereby causing loss of life, would quite rightly expose them to the full wrath of the law of the land.

How is it that they can operate in this manner, showing total disregard for our laws, and appear to have the full backing of our elected MPs?

Indeed, a number of these chiefs were chosen by past and present leaders of our Government.

Over the past three years I have experienced a total lack of co-operation and respect from a number of MPs, including Nick Boles, and various government departments in trying to get some kind of justice in the case of my late mother, who sadly passed away on Mothering Sunday 2009.

My sole purpose for carrying on this personal crusade has never been financial but purely in the hope that sooner or later this cruel state of affairs will change and these ‘fall guys’ will be held to account.

I have many personal friends who are employed by the NHS and I am convinced that it is imperative to show our support for the vast majority of conscientious staff by expelling the negligent few and helping to raise morale, thereby ensuring a safe, strong future for all.

It is not widely known that very soon county councils will be taking on much more responsibility with regards to the running of hospitals in their region. With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that never has there been a more important time regarding health issues to ensure that we elect truly independent county councillors into local government.

I would suggest that to vote for a Lincolnshire independent candidate would be a very wise move.

Jan Hansen

Market Place,