Grantham Journal letter: Firms should be relocated

Environcom blaze, May 17, 2014. Photo: Paul Clark
Environcom blaze, May 17, 2014. Photo: Paul Clark
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The fire at Environcom is the latest in a string of fires at this recycling plant.

In 2005 to 2006 Environcom made insurance claims for fire damage and had numerous smaller fires. In September 2007 the factory was completely destroyed by fire and the company moved to its present site at the former Corus building on Spittlegate Level. In February of this year there was a fire and the latest on May 17 required 10 fire engines from Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire in attendance. Once again Grantham was covered in a blanket of thick, black and possibly harmful smoke.

At what point will the authorities recognise that there are either unsafe practices being adopted by this company or by the industry in general. Perhaps it’s time that such recycling plants were moved to uninhabited areas where they will pose less of a threat to public health.

Barbara Mehew Rodd

By email