Grantham Journal letter: “Free” parking?

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Planning Minister Nick Boles MP expects to lose his Parliamentary seat in 2015. So he seeks to bribe us with our own money with “free” car parking. Ed Miliband MP is trying the same con trick with “freezing” our electricity bills.

Mr Boles wants to shift car parking charges from car park users to the Council Tax. This shifts the cost from your daily cash pocket to your monthly Council Tax pocket. You are still paying.

But wait a minute, why should many Council Tax paying residents not using car parks, pay for those who do use them? Those who use a car should pay for its costs, not push those costs on to folks who use the train, bus, taxi or cycle, walk or stay at home.

Look at the Miliband electricity “price freeze”. From 2008 he was Secretary of State for Energy until promoted in 2010. He knows that the margin of reserve generating capacity used to be 15 per cent, but is now down to five per cent and falling. The risk of our lights going out increases as this small safety margin shrinks. It now just takes a cold spell and a couple of large power stations having a bad day.

Egerton Gilman