Grantham Journal letter: Full credit to our students

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On Monday evening I had the privilege of attending the Rock Challenge as president of the Rotary Club of Grantham, through our Rotary Swimarathon sponsorship of youth. I witnessed what can only be described as a truly inspirational evening.

Something we Granthamians should be so proud of is our Grantham and District students, both junior and senior.

The standards were as high as any West End show and worthy of all the awards received.

We often associate all young people with a handful of anti-social and disrespectful individuals, but we in Grantham Rotary believe in our young people and will support them whenever we can.

If the students performing on Monday evening, exhibiting talent, dedication and teamwork are our future, then we are certainly in safe and competent hands.

Irvin Metcalf


The Rotary Club of Grantham