Grantham Journal letter: Funds sought for plaque

Queen Eleanor's tomb.
Queen Eleanor's tomb.
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I cannot support the cost of a statue in Grantham for Margaret Thatcher as I always felt that she was not that proud to be recognised as a Granthamian. Her voice was a long way from Grantham except when she used the word ‘frit’ in a debate, meaning frightened.

There is however one lady, a Queen of England, for whom a memorial would attract tourists. She is Queen Eleanor, married to Edward I. She died in 1290 near Lincoln, and her bereaved husband took her body back to London to Westminster Abbey, and paid for a cross to be built in all the places the cortege stopped. The first stop was Grantham, where there was a beautiful cross on St Peter’s Hill until Oliver Cromwell’s army knocked it down and it has never been replaced.

I became aware that there is no memorial to Queen Eleanor when cyclists from St Martin’s in the Fields, came on a sponsored cycle ride following the route of the Eleanor Crosses, to raise funds for their homeless centre in Trafalgar Square. They slept overnight on the floor at Harrowby Lane Methodist Church and next morning had their photograph taken on St Peter’s Hill. I felt ashamed to tell the cyclists that out of the 13 resting places of Eleanor’s body, Grantham is the only stopping point without a memorial to Queen Eleanor.

We know that Oliver Cromwell was to blame, but he is not here to pay for a replacement.

Grantham Civic Trust has designed a plaque to go on the Arts Centre wall, safe from vandals. Unfortuantely, SKDC has not come up with any money to fund it.

It would be good if interested people would like to donate to this historical heritage missing since 1645. Cheques can be paid to: Grantham Civic Trust and sent to me. c/o 21 Lime Grove, Grantham, NG31 9JD.

Thank you in hope.

Ruby Stuckey