Grantham Journal letter: Giving to charity shops made hard

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I am just wondering, in a time when we are encouraged to give to charity, why I am made to feel guilty each time I try and donate my unused items to the local charity shops.

A few years back, I had 20 bags of children’s clothes and toys (some of which were nearly new) so I phoned Scope and asked if they had a van that could come and collect stuff.

I was abruptly told: “NO! Not if you are capable of bringing it down yourself.”

I was taken aback by her rudeness, so did not mention that I had enough stuff there to fill her whole shop.

Obviously it would have been a trouble to fit it in the car, with my children. I gave it away to someone whom I thought could probably do with it and would appreciate it, only to be told later by a friend that she took it to a car boot sale and sold it, to buy booze and fags.

Having tried since, twice, to take bags of really good stuff to a charity shop not far from the banks, on the corner, I was completely ignored when I went in and said:“I have some stuff here you might like to sell.” No answer! “Excuse me!” No answer.

So now, as I am having another clear-out, I prepare to sell it on eBay, and treat my family instead. Charity now begins at home.

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