Grantham Journal letter: Goodbye all

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My faith has been restored in human nature and this was no more in full force than on the evening of Saturday, April 26, at the Grantham football ground.

My wife, Ann, owns a hairdressing salon called Shades in Blue Court, just a stone’s throw from the Journal’s offices of old. Ann is stepping down from the everyday running of the salon and is retiring to our home in Cyprus.
Unbeknown to her, and I, the girls from the salon, organised a farewell/retirement party for Ann and also, kindly, for myself. And boy was it a surprise, as we duly arrived at the function room the place was packed with Ann’s clients, past employees of her and other friends, far too many to name individually, but believe me when I say from the bottom of our hearts our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who took the time out to come along, send a card and the wonderful presents. And so we say goodbye to you all.

Special thanks must go to Maria Young who organised the event, ably supported by the lovely Katie Eales, Leanne Sweeny and Joanne Jordan. Bless you all for your outstanding efforts which also explains why Shades is such a success with so many in Grantham and the surrounding areas.

We both leave with fond memories of the many friends, and of course Ann’s ultra loyal customers – we leave with fabulous memories of you all so it’s not goodbye but Auf Wiedersehen.

And in closing, and on a personal note, my thanks to the Grantham Journal for having had the sheer nerve for publishing many of my ‘thoughts’ over the years.

Roy and Ann-Laurie Coldham

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