Grantham Journal letter: Government promised a clamp down!

Grantham MP Nick Boles
Grantham MP Nick Boles
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I wonder if Nick Boles, Grantham’s MP, would care to comment on the fact that Ian Duncan Smith’s political advisor Philippa Stroud, according to reports, received a 36 per cent pay rise last year?

It went from £69,250 to £94,000. David Cameron’s advisor, Ed Llewellyn, received a 12 per cent increase from £125,000 to £140,000. That equates to double the usual salary of an MP.

In light of the increase of only one per cent to other public sector workers and a proposed 11 per cent increase to MP’s pay, I wonder if Mr Boles thinks we are still all in this together?

The coalition promised to clamp down on the number of special advisors, but the bill for them has risen as have their numbers since the coalition came to power.

Yet another broken coalition promise Mr Boles.

It smells of rank hypocricy to me.

Anthony Hindmarch

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