Grantham Journal letter: Grandson’s ideas just as good, Alan

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I see that we are now getting pre-emptive strikes from South Kesteven District Council about raising the Council Tax. I also see that Linda Neal is regularly appearing in the Journal, but where are the other faceless directors of SKDC and what are they doing, apart from keeping their overpaid heads down?

Perhaps if a complete restructure of whatever you may wish to call them, ie Strategic, CEOs or what, were taken to task over what they actually do, rather than pontificate over Grantham, leaving their minions such as Linda Neal to take all the flak, this town and its tax-payers would be better off.

I also see that Mr Hardwick (Lincolnshire Police white elephant) has come up with some staggering new ideas (Journal, February 1), ie let’s have more volunteers – hardly a good idea; and let’s raise Council Tax so we can retain the present force of policemen. Let’s also paint all police cars not being used by covert operations.

Come on Mr Hardwick, you are being paid an awful lot of money to “talk the talk” and realistically you are of no use to this county’s police operation. The money being spent on your salary, all the wasted time in meetings and travel, could be used to train and implement three real policemen, rather than spend it on you without any real return.

Unfortunately, the ideas you have come up with so far, my 10-year-old grandson could have come up with.

Frederick Bowles

Sunningdale, Grantham