Grantham Journal letter: Grass verges are a muddy mess

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I just think it’s about time that somebody got something done about cars and vans parking on all the grass verges, and that’s because it’s churning and ruining and also digging up these grass verges.

Every time it rains, all the mud goes on to the paths, and when that happens you get your shoes very muddy.

On Edinburgh Road, all the grass verges have been churned up because of cars and vans parked on them.

I say we need to get double kerb stones put in instead of single kerb stones.

Where Tesco’s ‘mini’ store is, in Harrowby Lane, well I am disgusted at seeing that along both sides of the road there’s no green grass at all.

That’s because it’s so wet and they’ve also got potholes with dirty water.

When you’re walking on the path you get dirty trousers and shoes with mud all over them.

It’s got to be sorted out.

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