Grantham Journal letter: Has our MP lost the plot?

Grantham MP Nick Boles.
Grantham MP Nick Boles.
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The initial solution to satisfy housing demand, suggested by Nick Boles, planning minister and our local MP, was to concrete over some two million acres of green belt land. Apparently that idea did not provoke enough outrage, so his latest proposal is to target our National Parks for more new-build acreage.

Off which planet has he fallen? Does he not appreciate how much tourist income our National Parks generate and how they provide wonderful recreation for our UK citizens – simply because they are natural, undeveloped and beautiful?

We hear nothing from Nick about developing thousands of acres of derelict “brown field” sites or getting empty properties into occupation – of course that requires more effort and creative ingenuity than building on green sites. He prefers to pontificate with trite, patronising comments such as, “Anyone occupying a building today is using space that was once green-field land,” “Building more homes would create more human happiness than fields full of crops” and “Development will stop communities in National Parks becoming ‘embalmed’.”

In his Journal column of September 6, Nick agreed with David Cameron’s quote: “Too many tweets make a tw*t”. Perhaps the logical response to his latest pronouncement is: “Too many platitudes make a plonker”.

Brian Bruce