Grantham Journal letter: Have your say on hospital review

Have your say

May I remind people that there is a review of Grantham Hospital taking place. The consultation needs people to give their views which will be taken into account by the NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

In 2007 only 3,600 out of a population of 40,000 completed a consultation document which at that time also covered A&E and maternity services.

If you cannot get to a venue, I urge you to fill in the form which you can find online at

Over the past five years the birth rate at the Grantham midwifery-led unit has dwindled from 300-plus to 80 in 2012.

It is not a case of less babies being born, it is due to a lack of facilities, ie obstetrics and neo-natal services which has forced expectant mothers to give birth elsewhere, leaving our brilliant, well-managed midwifery unit underused, probably over-staffed and sadly, perhaps untenable.

This is why I urge people to attend the various official consultation events, the next being at Grantham Asda on Sunday, January 13 from 10am to 2pm, where you will have access to hospital board members, consultants, GPs and a local councillor, to ask questions and find out first-hand what is being proposed for the future of our hospital.

Linda Wootten

Manthorpe Rd, Grantham