Grantham Journal letter: Health teams delivered superb care

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Too often these days we hear negative comments regarding the care provided to the elderly, both privately and by the NHS. I can only tell you that our family’s experience in losing mother to cancer recently, was totally the opposite.

Mother became ill and was diagnosed with kidney cancer in February 2012, passing away peacefully at home, with dignity, in February, with her family around her. At no time did she complain, remaining positive and focused at all times in the hope of celebrating her 80th birthday and 60th wedding anniversary in April.

Our entire family would like to thank those who supported her during this difficult time. The professionalism and quality of care provided was exemplary. Mother’s case manager and district nurse co-ordinated various providers as her condition deteriorated, ensuring funding was in place to provide the best possible care and equipment, while showing great sensitivity and consideration to her and the supporting family.

As a family we experienced a co-ordinated care package starting with the Caythorpe and Ancaster Practice, district nurses, Lincolnshire NHS adult care and the oncology unit at Lincoln Hospital, followed by a seamless transition from the daily care providers from the Caythorpe and Prestige Agencies, and during her final days, the palliative care provided by St Barnabas Hospice, Marie Curie and Macmillan Cancer Support.

I make no apology for mentioning so many providers, for this is what was needed to allow her to leave us peacefully and with dignity, but, most importantly, at home.

I hope that anyone who finds themselves in a similar position can take comfort from this tribute; the people who will help you will do so with great professionalism and be part of a truly co-ordinated team, led by a dedicated NHS case manager.

Andrew Newton