Grantham Journal letter: Help us save our NHS

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We, the undersigned, pledge our full support of Gary Walker, David Bowles and other “whistle blowers” who had the courage to speak out about patient safety in our NHS.

For their courage they have been treated like criminals. David Nicholson was a leader of the Stategic Health Authority, who oversaw the horrific catalogue of disaster in Stafford hospitals. This man actually wrote a letter in praise of those hospitals! Needless deaths, appalling neglect – but it seems they actually saved money! His reward was a promotion and he became CEO of the Department of Health! What a recipe for disaster!

Now we are learning that Gary and David were not alone. Many caring medical professionals also voiced their concerns about patient safety, with the pressure to reach unreasonable targets for non-emergency operations. So under Nicholson’s instructions they were allegedly crucified by the bully boys in the various SHAs.

Our NHS is the jewel in Britain’s crown. It has been seriously tarnished by Nicholson and his ilk. We urge you all to do as we have done, write a very strong letter to the Prime Minister and Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health, insisting on, first firing Nicholson forthwith, and then carrying out a full investigation, no cover-ups, we demand the full truth. And make sure you send a copy of your letter to your MP. Like us you are taxpayers, you are paying the inflated salaries of these people who are gradually ruining our NHS. Let us positively deluge them with letters, they may ignore a few, but they cannot ignore millions!

The SHAs have been abolished under the new plans. However, the East Midlands SHA managed to strike a massive final blow to Grantham Hospital, by taking away from us a man who is the finest A&E nurse manager in the country, Paul Lewis. Another brave man, who had the courage to put patient safety first. He and his family were caused unnecessary suffering a few years ago. It seems that East Midlands SHA wanted to go out in a blaze of glory with a final act of disgraceful bullying. All the brave people who have spoken out have been made to suffer. If we don’t all speak out then our beloved NHS will be in ruins. We need to get back to its core values, patients not profits – and let nurses be nurses not box tickers!

Nicholson and his ilk must go. Show the people like Gary, David, Paul, Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS and all the other brave ones that their courage has not been in vain.

Please write letters as soon as possible. We really need your support!

Margery Radley

Past Chairman of SKDC

Joan McDaniel

Resident and campaigner