Grantham Journal letter: HGVs should not be using road

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With regard to HGVs using Wyville Road, we have been complaining about this since we moved her in 2001.

It is a constant problem which neither the Highways Department, the police or anyone else seems interested in. Sometimes one is faced with a 45-tonne articulated car transporter carrying eight or more scrap cars, who regularly use this lane.

As it is also the route by which many drive to the school on Gorse Lane (they cause a problem with insuffient parking available too) it is dangerous, causes huge problems for residents and as we seem to have paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds in completely ineffectual road repairs.

Just look at the state of Wyville Road so soon after ‘repairs’ were carried out. In fact the local authority encouraged HGVs to use it by building bigger passing places on Wyville Road and not enforcing the weight limit.

Also as there are signs at either end saying there is a 7.5 tonne weight limit, it looks as if yet again the authorities are prepared to look the other way.

Knowing the glacial progress of the local authorities, 13 years is probably not long enough or action to be taken.

What Wyville Road and Gorse Lane require is a 30mph speed limit along its whole length and a ban on HGVs. Residents have been asking for this for over 10 years.

Anthony Hindmarch

By email