Grantham Journal letter: HGVs to blame

Potholes on Gorse Lane, Grantham. ENGEMN00120130321130512
Potholes on Gorse Lane, Grantham. ENGEMN00120130321130512
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I see the pothole Tsar Richard Davies is missing the point again. Something he is expert at. The issue of potholes is often associated with HGV traffic in areas where they should be banned. Lincolnshire County Council say they can’t do this.

As HGVs do not have a differential on the rear axles they scrub off the road surface; see Somerby Roundabout, Gainsborough Corner and many junctions in Grantham. As HGVs are using, for instance, Gorse Lane and many other unsuitable minor roads they are smashing the sides of the roads to pieces. As HGVs are ILLEGALLY using Wyville Road, they have smashed the road to pieces and his department has wasted whatever they spent on it last year.

Perhaps Mr Davies could look at the issue from a more aetiological point of view and less of a party political broadcast so close to election time. It would probably come across as slightly less disingenuous not to say cynical to the local electorate.

Anthony Hindmarch

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