Grantham Journal letter: Hospital building looks abandoned

The old hospital building on Manthorpe Road, Grantham.
The old hospital building on Manthorpe Road, Grantham.
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Referring to page 17 of the Grantham Journal dated November 25, 2016, mentioning yet again the demise of 
Manthorpe Lodge, a more appropriate article ought to relate to the main hospital building in Manthorpe Road.

Many Grantham residents speak of it and say how sad and unkempt the building and frontage look.

In fact, being on the main road it is a disgrace.

An octogenarian friend of mine has confirmed on several occasions that many years ago the people of Grantham donated money to purchase the building which leads to the question of who actually owns it?

Most of Grantham support the “Save the Hospital” appeal and if the authorities feel unable or unwilling to repair or at least tidy and smarten this area, maybe a volunteer body could be formed to undertake this task.

We do have many skilled tradesmen in Grantham and the surrounding villages, and I am sure volunteers who would undertake this task.

We are trying to save a hospital which already looks as though it has abandoned.

Also, perhaps someone in the civic trust, whose expertise this would appear to be, can enlighten us in a further article on the history of what once was an impressive building with a lovely stone frontage but now looks as though it is ready for demolition.

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