Grantham Journal letter: Hospital must be saved

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I can also agree with Mrs Fuller’s comments regarding the closure of Grantham A&E (Journal, January 10).

I was there when Harriet was taken ill and without this vital service Harriet would not be here now.

I also suffer from an illness which sometimes means I need to use the ambulance service and the A&E deparment. Granted, it is not as serious as Miss Fuller’s, but is still a vital lifeline for me and so many others.

Grantham is fast becoming a large town, with vital rail and road links close by and is also surrounded by a large, rural community. With that brings the dangers of accidents involving pedestrians, vehicles, animals, as well as illness and other day-to-day traffic to the A&E.

If a centralised A&E is formed, while I appreciate that this may facilitate the building and furnishing of state of the art facilities, it will also mean loss of jobs to health workers in Grantham, something which I am sure the town doesn’t need and long journeys on congested and/or rural roads for both patients and family in order to use the services required.

Kate Rayson

By email