Grantham Journal letter: How long will the roadworks now take?

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Regards the roadworks at Normanton. A few weeks ago a letter of mine relating to the above appeared in these pages.

A recent visit to the site revealed the following developments:

The figure ‘12’ denoting the period of closure in weeks has been removed; not before time since the road has been closed now for over 4 months. What if any figure will appear in its place I wonder?

Four smaller-scale sets of road works have now erupted in the short stretch of road between the village and the level crossing.

Further traffic cones are now in evidence. In my experience the number of cones deployed at a site is in inverse proportion to the level of efficiency with which the work is being carried out.

This certainly appeared to be the case at the time of my visit, where over 60 cones were on display, overseen by just two workmen (sorry, ‘operatives’). Neither of them appeared to be doing anything constructive.

This cynical indifference towards the interests of the number of small businesses in the village is indefensible and as I mentioned in my earlier letter I trust they will now be seeking financial compensation.

Ken Burnett

Long Bennington