Grantham Journal letter: I am no ‘little Englander’

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Ms Comben makes an awful number of assumptions in her rather scattergun attack upon myself (Journal, March 15).

Let me put the record straight. I am NOT from Grantham. However, a close relative went to school with Margaret Roberts where she was known as Bossy Roberts.

I have lived here for only 11 years. I too have lived in London and I am afraid to have to point out that qualifies neither of us to accuse others of a small town mentality. How patronising.

At no time did I say Thatcher was personally responsible for everything that is wrong with Grantham. I said her slavish adherence to monetarism, which the current government is following, will result in many being idscarded as victims of the market.

Thatcher was responsible for allowing the great industrial base of this country to wither and die and turn it into a service economy where we can no longer compete with the new industrial giants on the world stage where paupers wages are paid to the majority to benefit the minority.

As to the 1970’s, I did live through them as I did the 1980’s, when I was made redundant when the company I worked for moved its production abroad because wages were cheaper. Is she perhaps extolling the virtues of the sweatshop?

Having travelled widely abroad to over 40 countries, I can say that her assertion that Thatcher is widely admired is simply wrong. David Beckham is more recognisable and admired. I am no little Englander whic Thatcher certainly was.

Thatcher was an idealogue, a bully, a zealot and a vicious hater of ‘the enemy within’ which she equated with anyone who disagreed with her. She was also responsible for the deaths of over a thousand people whom she used to win an election in the Falklands conflict.

Anthony Hindmarch

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