Grantham Journal letter: I fear we will lose this facility at the Reel

The Reel cinema in Grantham. ENGEMN00120120919162902
The Reel cinema in Grantham. ENGEMN00120120919162902
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On November 17, I went with friends to the Reel Cinema to see a wonderful performance of the Tales of Hoffmann from the Royal Opera House.

There was an audience of about 35 people.

The same has happened when I have been to other classical productions.

Grantham has a population of around 40,000 - surely there must be more than 35 who enjoy this sort of event?

What is the problem? Is it poor publicity?

The Reel website is hopeless. In the past we could find details on the alternative content page, but that seems to have disappeared.

It is also very difficult to find advance notifications in the Grantham Journal.

On December 8 there is a direct showing of The Nutcracker - a magical Christmas performance but do people know?

I am concerned that unless more interest is shown and encouraged they will stop relaying these productions. Grantham will lose another valuable facility.

Mrs Marilyn Smith

Dale Road,