Grantham Journal letter: I’m in favour if change is not costly

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Just a few points to set the record straight.

First of all there are a lot of local councillors interested in the formation of a town council should the electorate desire such a move. For Councillor Morgan to suggest that if it came to a full council meeting it would be dismissed, is both blatantly untrue, and offensive to other councillors.

I would also like to point out that about five years ago, a member of the Labour Group, not at that time a district councillor, claimed that he had been approached by a large number of Grantham residents wishing to form a town council and would like a public meeting called to discuss it.

In anticipation of large numbers, I arranged for the council chamber to be made available, and the event was well advertised. The evening dawned and 14, yes 14, people attended. The person who requested the meeting did not attend!

Providing the majority of the residents of Grantham would like a town council, and providing it could be set up without attracting huge set up costs which could affect the Council Tax, it would have my support.

Coun Mike Cook

St Anne’s Ward, SKDC